ghost in the moror
look at the miror beside the woman there is a man standing there, this just look like a shadow, but its very divrent. it is a ghost which appear in the miror


Flying strange ghost
i dont really believe with this ghost picture, i can’t determine which is the ghost. if we watch at the left side of the picture we can found some thing strange which appear and looked like a pocong ghost. but when we move to the right side of the picture, there we can find there is a strange light which is looked like the light of a jin ghost which usually appear as a spirite or the piwer of mystical material. this picture is not so scary but it so interested to be talked at this blog.

Ghost Picture In The Field
Okai to all the people who say that ghosts me ,and 6b of my friends all have this one little girl hunting us with black hair and she looks like she is from the 1900′s or something.Oh and by the way u dont know everything so stop saying that u can tell when their fake and u know that it can be made fake and by the way most of the pics were from a long time ago and they didn’t have the stuff to make fake pics so stop saying that there fake .!!! Gesse people oh and i hate people who don’t open their mind

Ghost In Front Of The House
the pictures are amazing, though with most of the pics, they were taken in the Early 1900′s. I doubt a lot of ppl knew about the camera tricks back then. I don’t doubt the idea of ghosts or spirits or energy, their’s a lot of controversy between if there are or there arn’t any spirits. Though its all in what YOU want to believe yourself.

Jenglot Ghost Picture

Do you know about jenglot ghost? the picture above is the picture of jenglot which i was taken from one of indonesian site which talking about this jenglot. the university student from jakarta and some doctor from RSCM jakarta were testing the DNA of jenglot on 1997. and the result of the research show us that jenglot is a life. They have the same structure as human. the team were searching and looking for the information of the life of jenglot. the jenglot that found was 3112 years.

jenglot was known as the life of tuyul ghost

[hantu30.jpg]look at the shadow beside the girl
the is some thing or may be some one standimng beside the girl. that is ghost

Tuyul ghost
tuyul is an indonesian ghost
this is seem like a child who stole the money with its magic power

usualy tuyul are have an owner
who always care with him. and the owner will take the profit if the tuyul are doiing the job by stoling the money